Beginners Guide to Fly Fishing


Fly fishing is a fishing technique that uses a fly as bait. The fly, in this case, is usually artificial and is of little or insignificant weight. This trait gives the main difference between fly fishing and other types of fishing such as spin or bait fishing. In fly fishing the weight of the fly line gives us enough weight to get cast the hook into the water while in spin and bait fishing, the weight of the bait carries the line through the air. In fly fishing, the fly bait is artificially made. It can be made to resemble any type of aquatic insect.


Usually, it ranges from 1 to 5 centimeters but it can vary according to the type of fish the fisherman wants to attract. It is usually made out of any reasonable materials such as hair, fur, beads and many others. The fly bait can be made to appear as though it is swimming or floating. Normally the fly bait was made using natural materials but with recent developments, synthetic fly baits are becoming common. This method can be used to catch any fish species as long as the proper equipment is used and the fly bait is properly replicated.


Most fishermen refer to fly fishing as the best fishing method. It is not as easy as other methods since it comes with some challenges; such as making the bait itself. One should start with stretching routine before workout because I consider this a work out! As a starter, it is usually not necessary to have a complicated set of equipment. A hook, line and some flies are enough to get started. It takes some special knowledge of the fish and what they eat at what time of year to be a successful fly fisher. Once you have your fly and gear ready, you start working on your knot. The most popular knot is the improved clinch knot.


After this, you can now start fly fishing. It is advisable to keep changing the flies from time to time if they are not giving you results so as to adjust to what the fish may be attracted to. As a beginner, it is also better to start out in lakes before gaining all the necessary skills to fish in moving water.




Fly fishing is mostly carried out by specialists in fish and insects. This is because they understand the feeding habits of the fish and also the various insects that are available in certain seasons and how they appear. This is important since the key in fly fishing is to trick the fish into biting the artificial fly.